Guinness Storehouse

Seemingly on everyone’s list of things to do, the Guinness Storehouse is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dublin. And why? Well obviously Guinness is synonymous with Dublin and Irish people like a drink, right? The problem with the storehouse is that it’s now akin to an industrialised factory, churning out throughput and as a result for us isn’t perhaps the authentic experience we might like. Guinness was once one of the biggest employers in Ireland never mind Dublin and it seems that is slightly lost in the rush to provide panels of backlight bright posters telling you things but not connecting with you.

Don’t expect to see how they make it either. The pint they give you at the end of it all is fine but it’s in a packed spot called the Gravity Bar, which can sometimes feel a bit overrun. Admittedly the view is really great but its ambience is not matched by the surroundings. If you would like your first pint of Guinness to be top notch, visit one of the great Dublin pubs like Toners of Baggot Street or Mulligans of Poolbeg Street. It would be one thing if it was cheap and cheerful but you are looking at €20 per adult for the experience and the queues tend to be large. There is no comparison to, say, the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam.

The Guinness Storehouse is located on Market Street. The 123 Dublin Bus will take you there and the nearest tram stop is at St James Hospital. Check it out at

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