The National Wax Museum Plus – Great for all the Family

National Wax Museum Plus
National Wax Museum Plus

The National Wax Museum Plus isn’t an exquisite showcase of the best that can be done with wax sculptures. However, it is a interesting walk-through of Irelands social and cultural history.

Kids will really enjoy the wax museum especially the science & discovery section and the tunnels. They can also get a sculpture of their hands in wax which is great fun. Zoltar is available to tell fortunes and the Chamber of horrors is sure to get a couple of screams, although it might be a little too scary for younger kids. You will find a Disney themed room and there are lots of great places for photos to be taken.

The museum has (as you might expect) a lot of focus on Irish figures and personalities. You can hang out with the greats of Irish literature in a bar overlooking O’Connell Street. There is also an overview of Irish history from the Bronze age up to the current day.

Its not a huge venue but it is of a decent size. The proprietors have obviously put thought into making the most of the space they have available. There is good variety in the exhibits but the quality of them is not what you might find in Madame Tussards for example, but I don’t think the museum is trying to emulate that anyway. The kids will really enjoy getting to take some selfies and there are plenty of familiar waxworks for them to enjoy. It’s a great fun couple of hours with the kids and that’s probably the best way to view the visit.

Where to find it:

The National Wax Museum Plus is situated at 22-25 Westmoreland St, Dublin 2 which is close to O’Connell Street. There is plenty of public transport options for getting to it.

See their website at for more details.

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