A Guide to Staying Safe in Dublin

Dublin is a safe city, one of the safest in Europe. However like any major city you need to stay sensible and watch out for danger. The usual warnings apply such do not carry large amounts of cash and do not wander into unfamiliar places late at night. Try not to ‘look’ like a tourist with the large bum bags hanging out and expensive cameras and phones on display. Dubliners call the undesirables of Dublin ‘scrotes’, and they are easily identifiable. They will wear tracksuits, sometimes appear strung out, and speak in a really pronounced loud Dublin accent.. They usually look underweight and are a sight for sore eyes. However if you stay away from them and are vigilant, then they will generally stay away from you.

There are couple of areas to watch out for. One place is Abbey Street Lower, which is just off O’Connell Street, and where a LUAS stop is located. Here the government decided in its wisdom to place a drug treatment clinic with obvious results. O’Connell Street itself, once a great and imposing thoroughfare through Dublin has deteriorated over the years with its stream of fast food outlets and games halls. Having said that, even late at night the street is busy so you should be fine but it is not the most pleasant place to be at that time. Anywhere immediately north of O’Connell Street, eg Parnell Street, Parnell Square, Upper Dorset Street should be encountered with care late at night. On the South of the Liffey, you should stay to well lit areas.

Again to reiterate, Dublin is pretty safe but these are just some of the areas to watch out for around the city centre. Practice safe, sensible measures as you would in any city. Most folk are super friendly and happy to help.

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