The Teeling Distillery was established in 2015 in Dublin. It is the first distillery to open in Dublin in 125 years. This is unusual given that Dublin was once the whiskey capital of the world. However the emergence of Scotch whiskey, and other factors, led to a decline in Irish whiskey making in the early 20th century. Now however Dublin is getting its mojo again and Teeling is a major part of that.

Stephen and Jack Teeling founded the distillery, whose father John had previously established the Cooley Distillery in 1987. A phoenix rising from a pot still represents the re-emergence of the Teeling whiskey brand.

Based in Newmarket Square on the south side of the Liffey, the new distillery is actually close to the original Teeling Distillery which was Marrowbone Lane.

The Teeling Tour

The tour itself covers the impact of Irish independence, American prohibition, and lack of keeping up with new methods as the main reasons for wiping out the distilleries in Dublin. At its peak there were 37 in the city.

More so than other tours available, this one is more hands on and you get to see the manufacturing process in greater detail. If that floats your boat then do get to Teelings. All of the other brands who were once in Dublin have moved production out of the capital. Therefore their tours are not as involved in the live manufacturing of whiskey.

Teeling Distillery is trying different methods to whiskey making including using unusual casks so any enthusaist will really enjoy getting into this tour.

At the end of the tour you, of course, get to taste it! The guide will help you to identify different flavours. There is also a gift shop and bar if you’d like to carry on the tour!

The tour is great for the whiskey connoisseur, and anyone interested in the nuts and bolts of the production process itself. Although children are welcome, it might not appeal to them.

More details

Find out more at where you can book your tour with prices starting from about €15. The distillery also runs many special events and tastings.

You can find the Teeling Distillery at 13-17 Newmarket, Dublin 8.

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