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Best of Arthouse and International Films at Irish Film Institute

The IFI has quite the cult following and simply a must visit for any film buffs. Supercool, this is where you go for more alternative and arthouse movies. Located in an 18th Century Quaker Meeting House the cosy and atmospheric cinema rooms transport you to a time when movies were to be immersed in and experienced, a far cry from the very commercial chain stores which by all means serve a purpose but are not what a lot of people really want.

The IFI also supports Irish films and their heritage. There are regular film festivals and specially formulated seasons giving lots of different options throughout the year. Also screened are the best of the international and foreign language films. You might even get lucky and be in town when they host their Open Day which has free tours of the venue and cinema screenings.

People here are respectful of others and you won’t have to bear people munching loudly, speaking and laughing throughout the movie and the more recent phenomenon of mobile screen glare. Anyone who starts that messing will be told by either others in the audience or cinema staff to stop pronto. As a tourist make sure you respect this ethos.

There are 3 screens in the IFI with capacities of 258, 106 and 58 people. You can grab some food or a beer on the way in and take time to enjoy the surroundings. Find the IFI at Eustace Street, Temple Bar. You can call them to book tickets at 016793477.
For more info visit www.irishfilm.ie

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