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Taxis in Dublin

Dublin has a lot of taxis. Unfortunately due to poor regulation, the quality of these vary and the experience you have can vary too. Some are great – clean modern cars with an obliging and polite driver, but some are awful – , dirty rust bucket of a car with an obnoxiously loud driver.

You can hail a taxi, but if you are uncomfortable hailing a cab from the street there are about 79 taxi stands throughout the city of Dublin. All of the large taxi stands are open round the clock with most other taxi stands opening between 22.00 – 06:00. The main taxi stands in the city centre are located near the main gate of Trinity College at College Green, O’Connell Street (near Parnell Square), and on College Green (near the Bank of Ireland).

A lot of Taxis are now on the MyTaxi. As you can imagine, this will be your most expensive mode of transport. If you are budget conscious, its best to plan ahead and use an alternative option.

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